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Curated Vibes Vol. III

Presented by DJ-LC & Jerm

November 18, 2023

Trash Panda Drinking Club - Houston, Texas

DJ-LC & Jerm photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

This past Saturday we had the privilege of seeing some of Houston’s best artists at the Curated Vibes Vol. III showcase at Trash Panda Drinking Club, courtesy of DJ-LC & Jerm. Curated Vibes shines light on local artist that you may have heard of and some that you NEED to hear of. This city has a lot of talent and DJ LC & Jerm are doing their part by giving them a platform.

Trill City Guapo photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

Starting the night off, we got to hear from Trill City Guapo. He set a great tone for the show with his crowd interaction. It was like an icebreaker that got everyone in attendance involved, passing out CDs t-shirts to lucky audience members. His attitude was infectious and had us all locked in, which was good because you wanted to be when he performed Miralo – it was one of the hardest songs of the night.

BigTaste and Macconthemoon photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

Next we were introduced to BigTaste, who showed us his Texas roots when he performed the title track from his latest EP WhoIsBigTaste. It was my first time hearing of him, but I’ll definitely be looking out for more. After BigTaste’s performance, we got to meet MaccOnTheMoon. His performance was a nice change of pace. He brought more melodies into the building when he stepped on stage. He played this one unreleased song (I unfortunately can’t remember the title) where he said “She love me but she don’t wanna let me meet her mommy cause I’m thugging” and literally thought that was the hardest shit ever.

Members of the rap group Hussle house photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

After a quick intermission blessed with a mix by DJ-LC, we got things back started off with a group called Hussle House. Now if you wanna talk about energy, them guys had it. Rapping in the crowd, dancing, standing on chairs and even providing some unexpected comedic relief – they knew how to put on a show. They performed their latest single Fuck It Up and it had everyone in there going nuts.

OQ & CutUp AT photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

To end the show, we got to see a set by SDE’s very own OQ doing his set with

CutUp AT. Call me biased, but whenever we get an OQ x CutUp AT set it’s always one of the best performances and this was no different. We got to hear two songs from the 4 Before ’94 – EP when he started us off with ’94 Impala and The Game Needs Me. Ballin was next up, changed things up a bit with a slower song but still getting bars. Even more bars came when Click Bait came on after that. “You know I got a lotta flows(floors), I’m looking like a high rise” is a very hard bar. We even got a surprise (unreleased) song produced by Jimmy Dukes and ItsNotYouItsQ (OQ). Looking like we getting more from him soon. We got to hear OQ rap in unison with CutUp AT ad-libbing/supporting him through the songs and providing extra energy, kinda like watching Steve Nash run the pick-and-roll with Amar’e Stoudemire or seeing Tom Brady throw a 60-yard touchdown to Randy Moss – it was an unforgettable point in a show filled with some great performers.

DJ-LC & Jerm photographed by Jugg for The ProcessBoard

As expected, DJ-LC & Jerm curated a great setlist and provided us with a noteworthy experience. The sequencing of artists, the small sets in between artists by DJ LC, the people in the crowd, the venue, their employees – everything contributed to just how memorable the show was. Glad we got the invite because we ready for Vol. IV next month.

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